Childless Couples - Astrological Solutions by Specialist Astrologer

Parenthood can be the best of feelings and make you feel complete. But there are many couples worldwide who are struggling to get that joy and sense of fulfillment. Childless couples face a lot of problems and could be a major factor of stress between them. Parents often see their reflection in their children and Astro Suryaji, the renowned astrologer in California USA comes to one's rescue and sorts out any concerns related to childless couples.

The Child Astrology Expert in Astro Suryaji- Guruji can help you if you have undergone all medical treatments and yet see a hope to enjoy this great feeling. The problem is brought to the notice with the remedy which could be in the form of puja, mantra, spell, or offerings. It could also be something scientific like prescribing the timings of getting impregnated. The Vastu remedies for childless couples will result in the natural conceiving of a healthy baby.

Astrological Reasons and Solutions for Childless Couples

  • If a lady is not getting pregnant it could be due to the lack of energy from the Jupiter and Venus planet. The remedies could support these factors and the reasons for denial of progeny could be as cited below
  • The 5th lord Mars when placed in the 6th house under Rahu Ketu Axis can conjunct Rahu within 4 degrees
  • The 5th lord is also inspected by Saturn while the 5th lord from the moon has Ketu
  • The 5th lord goes to the 12th house under the conjunction of Saturn

The conflict in planetary positions can be resolved by doing unique pujas and Sadhnas according to Astro Suryaji. The Zodiacs may behave this way temporarily and is possible to appease them. After several years of marriage you still can enjoy parenthood and to be able to have this blessing all you have to do is turn to Astro Suryaji.

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