Health, peace and well being in life are of primary importance to all. It is proven that the planetary positions during our birth time and their change in positions affect the events of our life. An astrologer can give guidance in the uncertainties of your life.


Pundit Suryaji is the best astrologer in Iceland. He offers best astrology advice in Iceland. He is the best astrologer to bring happiness in your life and gives precise and perfect solutions to all your problems.

Astrology believes that the position of stars and planets determine the events in our life, and we surely cannot ignore the effects of the tidal forces of the moon around the sea. Horoscope provides us with an insight. Astrology reveals the action and reaction between the Heavenly bodies and the rest of the nature including Man. Astro Suryaji’s theories are not mere theories, but tried and tested realities with years of experience. With Astro Suryaji’s guidance you can optimize fortunate moments of your life. You can be prepared for the conditions you encounter.

Astro Suryaji’s experience with horoscope will be a compass in life, and please believe that Horoscope is the expression of the real person. The Horoscope is a wonderful guide to our nature and life, and with astrologer Suryaji’s guidance we can determine the influence that will play upon us from time to time. His esteemed guidance will help you get a better job, make you chance upon a great buy, a new house or a new great investment. Everything in life is ordered by the planetary positions.


  • Will reveal future uncertainties and save you from any type of harm.
  • Will help you plan for future better.
  • Will help you get interpretation of stars and planets in your life through your horoscope.
  • Will be able to have exact prediction about your future.
  • Will be able to read your horoscope accurately. Will know what is best for you


Besides being the most learned, well known and renowned astrologer in the world, Suryaji provides services in…

Best spiritual healing

  • Fixing husband wife disputes
  • Iceland’s intuitive reading
  • Iceland’s most accurate zodiac reading
  • Iceland’s best support in business problems
  • Iceland’s best job advice
  • Eliminating black magic
  • Healing love life issues
  • Specialist in marriage issues
  • Vashikaran specialist

To meet online, call the mentioned number or leave a message. You will be surely satisfied by his services and will not regret. No one can beat his level of astrology services and you will know once you consult him. A warm approach and a great heart he is sure to win your trust.

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